Examples of how we help people

Good Morning,
Following on from our conversation yesterday, I wanted to thank you again for your help in supporting our client Victor. We received news yesterday that he was now in Manchester. The police have confirmed his whereabouts and so his missing persons case has been closed. I am waiting to hear back from the Salvation Army in regards to the transfer request I have put in.

I  wish to thank sareli for their support and help fornour client VM that you have recently provided.
I thank you for.Your late night attendance to VM at short and urgent notice from me..
Your continued support upon him assisting with food and essential needs…
Bringing him to our office and providing assistance with form filling…
Empathising with VM and placing him in a comfortable enviornment.

For what you have done to assist us and VM is outstanding and you must be applauded.
I note your humble response that you are simply doing what you aim to as a provider of helping people but you have personally gone out of your way to help VM.
Thank you for your help and support..

Bafuti bana kk ndenge bazalaki kofuta bango babuge elo te merci mingi nzambe apambola yo

Thank you for trusting us, Salford Refugee Link to assist you in your child benfits and universal credit. It has been a pleasure and very successful Thank-You to all.

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