What We Are Doing During the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here at Salford Refugees Link, we are still making sure that people who are in need of training will receive it online for basic digital life skills and confidentiality to improve their capability of helping those refugees, who are mainly homeless, who cannot learn the new skill, we will be doing services on their behalf, like using email, requesting prescriptions online, online shopping, online temporary accommodations (shelter) booking, collecting online feedback and comments, collecting online community concern and related digital resources. We also help with the necessities things in life such as food, drink , shelter and digital devices. All these things we, Salford Refugee Link can assist you with

This will help refugees to connect with them, us and others such as the support services (NHS, Sport, Food-bank, School..) via video zoom to access the resources they need to survive and build their lives during this COVID-19 pandemic

The social contact laws state that you must not meet people who you do not live with or inside a private home or garden except your support bubble. Us Salford Refugees Link can and are your support bubble. We don’t have to meet at your home but we can meet at the official Salford Refugees Link office or wherever you feel comfortable.