Heritage Art and Culture

SARELI HERITAGE project enhance local knowledge of African Heritage, it inform people what central African Heritage is and what it means and involves. It enable people from wider Community to actively be involved e.g  learning of traditional African dance, traditional costume (trying on) , listening and playing to African traditional  music. Focus on the positive of African culture, which is often not highlighted whilst informing people of the and conflict in Africa too.

Researching into the traditional costumes, traditional instruments, central African mask with explanation on it, African fashion and African hairdresser and the video tape of events, the project  have input from many different countries within Africa and will therefore be enhanced as more Communities add their values, costumes and traditions.

SARELI HERITAGE project help to encourage communities to identify look after and celebrate their heritage

With an emerging, African Community, people are looking towards taking part in and being involved with activities that highlight their own traditional backgrounds and Heritage.

Which many people having left so much behind in their own countries, being able to participate in to the project that embrace, their traditions and culture will bring communities together,  bring social cohesion and will promote racial harmony.

SARELI HITAGE project enhance local knowledge of African Art and Culture around Artefact making, toy making and their stories

*African Exile (children and others)  access their own heritage craft talent, stories/ memories/ folklore  and culture in comparison with British traditions

*Local community (British children and others) will access their own heritage and compare with African traditions

*Remind African exile community that they have an African identity, remember what is positive about it, being bi-cultural – keeping both African and British identity

*For the local community to learn about how African children have fun – realise that African heritage is now part of British culture

*Green!  Recycled!!!  Toys with no money – common themes in children’s experience and creative spirit

*Art Talent & Cultural sharing between African and Local community of Salford and surrounding areas.

That will bring communities together, understanding each and others. It will promote strong social cohesion and racial harmony.